Painters. Sculptors. Bakers. Musicians. Actors. Writers. Photographers. Knitters. Crocheters. Potters. Modellers. Glass artists. Jewellers. Woodworkers. Wood turners. Wood carvers. Stone carvers. Mixed media artists. Designers. Graffiti artists. Dancers. Singers. Upcyclers. Sewists & sewers. Tailors. Spinners. Weavers. Textile artists. Beaders. Portrait, landscape, and abstract artists. Watercolourists. Oil painters. Paper cutters. Paper engineers. Eco printers. Natural dyers. Lino printers. Screen printers. Ceramicists. Illustrators. Graphic designers. Doll customisers. Embroiderers. Lego artists. Architects…


Rugby, Warwickshire and its surrounding area has a huge number of artists, makers and creative people. Rugby’s position on the border means that we cover some of Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Coventry, although favouring Rugby and its surrounding villages rather than the neighbouring towns and cities which are big enough to look after themselves!

In 2021 we are beginning to take action on things that local artists and makers have said they are interested in: creative networking, using spaces and linking with businesses, and social media. To hear more, and maybe get involved, please join the mailing list.

December 2021: Pop Up in Rugby Central during December 2021.

Click the Pop Up link for all the details.

November 2021: New logo created. (Thank you Nicola Luntley)

June 2021: The first Rugby Artists and Makers exhibition, in Floor One gallery, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. The catalogue for this exhibition gives a flavour of what we do.

Our Instagram account has the most up to date and complete information about what local artists and makers are up to. Take a look to see what is going on, and it’s a great place to start if you are looking to buy or commission any creative piece, or looking for a creative collaboration.

This site, with the linked Instagram account and email newsletter, aims to become a place to find creative people of all kinds. It also contains useful information for local creative people on opportunities to exhibit, perform, sell, and run a creative business.

If you are a local creative and would like to be listed, or have any suggestions to make, please get in touch. There is no charge to be listed.

The small print…

Your information

This site doesn’t collect information from visitors beyond whatever WordPress collects automatically.

If you ask to be on the website or to be on the mailing list then you are agreeing for the information you submit to be used for those purposes.

If you use the form on the Contact page then your message is received by email and will be used to reply, if appropriate.

If you have news you’d like to have shared please tag us in Instagram or contact rugbyartistsandmakers@gmail.com as far ahead of the event/opportunity as possible.

You can also “subscribe” to the site to receive updates.

Information that you provide won’t be sold and won’t be given to anyone without asking you if it’s okay, or unless it’s required by law (which does seem rather unlikely!)

Listed artists and makers have all asked to be listed. Groups, societies & studios, Galleries and shops, Opportunities to exhibit, and Creative resources and learning, are all listed without asking them.  Whether you are an individual or an organisation your listing will be removed if you request it to be removed.  Please get in touch if your listing needs to be changed or removed.

Copyright & licensing
Please don’t send an image to represent your work that doesn’t belong to you for whatever reason. The obvious example is that it’s not your work or not your original idea, but it could also be, for example, that the image of your work belongs to the person who took the photo.

Please don’t send an image based on licensed material (like Disney, Marvel, etc) or send text which says you do that kind of work – unless you bought the license, of course!

This site is a one woman show and simply aims to help creative people. There are no resources for research, conflict resolution, or legal disputes, so if it all goes pear-shaped the most likely outcome is closure of the site and me eating a lot of chocolate in a darkened room. Please be kind, to me and each other.