Crown incoming

Rugby Artists and Makers Network is one of the groups invited by Rugby Art Gallery and Museum to make a crown to be displayed in a town centre trail from 28th April.  Our crown will be displayed in the window at The Alex. Our artists and makers have been creating “jewels” from a variety of materials and next week these will be gathered together and the crown assembled.

Crown components

If you are curious to get an idea of how the crown might look you can see some of the component parts in a cabinet at The Alex on Friday and Saturday when they are open, 10-4pm. The Alex always has local art and craft on display. This month Eric Gaskell is in the gallery with an exhibition of canal themed linocut work. The Alex’s newsletter is the place to find out all that is going on there, including the live music and workshops.

Several of our Network members are also involved in Rugby Artists Group, who are preparing for an exhibition on Floor One gallery, which celebrates 21 years of this group!

Coming soon…

Printed brochures for Warwickshire Open Studios Summer Art Weeks will be coming soon, though the website is already live.

Summer Art Weeks is live!

The Warwickshire Open Studios Summer Art Weeks website is live now. It’s not too early to put the dates in your diary and start planning a summer of art.

Some of Rugby’s artists and makers (many of whom are involved in our Network) are taking part and you can find them all here:

Hannah OO Kempe and Darcy Eloise Hill are taking part for the first time and are supported by WOS as “Emerge” artists. Both are spending part of their time at Art at The Alex.

Experienced participants Eric Gaskell, IJE and Dot Crowe are opening their home studios.

Group events are taking place at Art at The Alex with 20 artists in this Rugby town centre venue and at Art in Dunchurch where 19 artists are individually registered.

Art at The Alex is where you will find most Rugby Artists and Makers Network artists in one place and they would be very glad to welcome you.


It feels like Rugby’s artists and makers are blossoming as spring gets into action.

The Alex newsletter is out with news of a solo exhibition by Richard Horsman, First Thursdays with music from Michael Luntley as well as poetry, a gelli printing workshop and The Alex’s arty weekends. See their newsletter or website for more details.

Lots of local artists and makers are through the first round of selection for the Coventry Open. 🎉

Many of our network members belong to other groups and one of those, Rugby Artists Group (RAG), is planning their next exhibition in April, at Floor One Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.

There are lots of opportunities for artistic growth in the area. Rugby Art Gallery and Museum have added adult workshops to their schedule, while their neighbour the Percival Guildhouse is into its spring term with dayschools coming up and summer schools ahead. If you like your learning more informal and experimental you might like to try ArtLab where you can meet in person or virtually with other artists and either bring your own work or experiment with the group in a particular medium. If you prefer to sit back and watch and listen to arty speakers then Rugby and District Art Society might be for you.

Looking ahead to the summer, plans are afoot for Warwickshire Open Studios Summer Art Weeks and this year the area hosts two WOS “Emerge” artists getting support to take part in the event for the first time.

“Blummin great”

Our Rugby Artists and Makers Network group met today at The Alex, with a full agenda and also cake (thanks Glynis).

Chris updated us on the schedule for the coming months at The Alex (now one year old!) featuring lots of artists and makers from our network.

Jenny reported on the success of our recent Full Spectrum exhibition.
The exhibition featured 44 of our artists and makers, who also helped steward the exhibition.  We had almost 500 “everyday” visitors, plus a very large turnout for our celebration/meet the artist afternoon event, including Deputy Mayor Maggie O’Rourke who came along and said good things about us. 
Visitor feedback included such words and phrases as:
“fantastic” “excellent” “great” “very good” “Absolutely brilliant” “Wonderful variation” “Just Brill” “Beautiful” “Interesting” “Love it” “Blummin Great” “Amazing collection” “thought provoking” “Really enjoyed this exhibition.  I feel happy, relaxed, and grateful for the experience.”
Many thanks to our expanded exhibition team, including those who organised the PR and celebration event, who together made this exhibition happen.

Watch this space for future plans as yet under wraps…

Public vote results are in!

We asked visitors to our “Full Spectrum” exhibition at Floor One gallery, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum to vote for their favourite piece.

After counting up the votes, Jennie Fletcher was a clear winner!

Jennie Fletcher. No Time For Conversation.

Roger Griffiths and Sarais Crawshaw were close together with the second and third highest number of votes.
Jennie Fifield, Matt Pooley and Emma Town had equal numbers of votes.
Kay Matthews was only one vote behind them.

The catalogue is here if you’d like to remind yourself of all the works exhibited.

Full Spectrum: Exhibition

Our 3rd annual exhibition is well underway. Catch it, and the Rugby Open, quickly before both close on Saturday 4th February. Our artists and makers are stewarding each day so come and chat, and maybe catch them at work.

Open 10-5 Tues-Fri, 10-4 Saturday. Leave us feedback, vote for your favourite and perhaps buy it too as most works are for sale.