Crown incoming

Rugby Artists and Makers Network is one of the groups invited by Rugby Art Gallery and Museum to make a crown to be displayed in a town centre trail from 28th April.  Our crown will be displayed in the window at The Alex. Our artists and makers have been creating “jewels” from a variety of materials and next week these will be gathered together and the crown assembled.

Crown components

If you are curious to get an idea of how the crown might look you can see some of the component parts in a cabinet at The Alex on Friday and Saturday when they are open, 10-4pm. The Alex always has local art and craft on display. This month Eric Gaskell is in the gallery with an exhibition of canal themed linocut work. The Alex’s newsletter is the place to find out all that is going on there, including the live music and workshops.

Several of our Network members are also involved in Rugby Artists Group, who are preparing for an exhibition on Floor One gallery, which celebrates 21 years of this group!

Coming soon…

Printed brochures for Warwickshire Open Studios Summer Art Weeks will be coming soon, though the website is already live.

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